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WEBINAR RECORDING - 3 Mistakes Most Businesses Make With Google Shopping That Could Be Costing You Thousands

Discover the 3 mistakes that most advertisers make using Google Shopping and how these mistakes may be costing your business thousands of dollars every year!

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Watch the following video to learn how to set your ads apart from your competitors with the effective use of Google Ad Extensions and increase both your CTR (click through rate) and ROI (return on investment).  This video goes into detail on properly using the most popular Ad Extensions: Sitelink Extensions, Call Extensions and Location Extensions.  

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Perhaps the most important element of a Google AdWords campaign is the proper use of keyword match type.  This video covers the five main match types currently available: broad match, phrase match, exact match, broad match modifier and negative match.  Learn how they work and how to properly use them by watching the following video.

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​​It is a fact that some of us simply learn more by watching than we do when reading.  That is why we have released a video series of some of the most important and effective advanced Google PPC techniques.

True to our focus of delivering transparency in managing our clients, these videos can be found on YouTube, detailing some of the important advance tactics we use on an ongoing basis.  For a list of even more advanced techniques, we recommend you follow our blog at or visit Make Each Click Count University.



Do you want to reach customers who have come to your website and not purchased?  You should, as this accounts for approximately 97% (on industry average) of all visitors.  Watch this video to see how you can seamlessly reach back out to those customers by properly using Google Retargeting to increase revenues.

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