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CSE Optimization


Comparison Shopping Engines or "CSEs" are defined as websites that allow users to compare prices simultaneously for the same item at multiple retail websites.Most of these CSEs are based on a Cost Per Click pay model and require a properly formatted data feed before products can be displayed.

The top CSEs include Google Shopping (see our Google Shopping section), Nextag, Price Grabber, Amazon Product Ads, Shopping.com, Bing, Shopzilla, Become and Pronto.


Without question, the Comparison Shopping Engine with the most traffic is Google Shopping (which we, of course, will optimize). However, most companies never realize the abundance of untapped potential traffic in the other CSEs.  A properly optimized campaign can bring new traffic and get your brand in front of customers that are loyal to their favorite Comparison Shopping Engine. 

However, once your campaign is set up you are far from done.  Your CSE advertising needs to be constantly monitored.  Most CSEs significantly increase their minimum bids during the holidays and even throughout the year. A CSE campaign left unattended can be a source of high cost, low conversions.  In addition, a single product getting a high click volume and low conversion rate any time of year can negatively affect your ROI.

The good news is a properly optimized and maintained CSE can be a great source for a high ROI and something we can help you achieve.


We work with a number of data feed providers that offer fully integrated solutions, and we can set up and manage your products in the top Comparison Search Engines.  Based on your product offerings we will evaluate which Comparison Search Engines we believe will be best geared for your advertising dollars and which data feed provider will give you the biggest competitive advantage.  

Are you already submitting a feed to Comparison Shopping Engines?  That's great!  Let us use our experience to help you get the most out of your existing data feeds. Once properly formatted, there are different ways to ensure your product listings stand apart from the crowd such as bidding, coupon offerings, promotional messaging etc. We will continue to properly manage your campaigns to ensure your return will consistently meet or exceed your ROI goals. 

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