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"True Online Presence has been handling my Google campaigns and Amazon advertising for the last year and a half.  Before switching to True Online Presence, I had been using a larger agency that charged ridiculously high fees and produced few profitable results. With True Online Presence, I have grown my website substantially with the majority of sales coming through Google AdWords all while maintaining profitable levels.  I have enjoyed a mostly hands-off process where I trust that they manage my marketing budget as if it were their own and have experienced tremendous growth".

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Marketing Discovery Call

For companies currently advertising using Google Ads we offer our proprietary T.O.P. Ads Campaign Assessment. We use a systematic approach to evaluate campaigns as currently configured based on 7 key metrics found to strongly correlate with high-performing Ads results. We perform our assessment based on numerous Ads advanced techniques.  After we evaluate the campaign, we will provide a detailed report that explains the rating on each of our criterion explaining what is done well, how well it is done and where there is room to improve. In addition, you will receive up to an hour on the phone with a marketing strategist going over the details of the report.

Whether currently managing your As account in-house or outsourcing to another SEM agency, our T.O.P. Ads Campaign Assessment  will bring immediate value to you Google advertising with suggestions on advanced Google techniques that once implemented has the immediate potential to dramatically increase both sales and profitability throughout your account!

The T.O.P. Ads Campaign Assessment is $299 and typically takes about a week to receive the full report.  Currently, the fee can be applied to cover initial set-up charges if after evaluation a company opts to have True Online Presence begin managing their Google Ads advertising. However, this report requires no commitment beyond initial payment.  For companies wishing to continue to manage their Google advertising in-house or as is, the report is theirs to keep and implement with our regards in order to improve their current Google advertising.

Many of the advanced techniques we use to perform our review can be found by requesting our free report, The 10 Top Costly Mistakes Found In Google Ads or by reading about on our blog – blog.trueonlinepresence.com

To learn more about our proprietary T.O.P. Ads Campaign Assessment call us at 1-888-456-6943, email us at info@trueonlinepresence.com or complete the information contact form to schedule an appointment.  We are happy to answer any and all questions. Contact us today to see how we can energize your Google advertising.


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A typical marketing discovery call takes between 15-20 minutes. During this time, we can discuss your current marketing strategies as well as any other marketing questions you may have for us.

This call will allow us to discover your marketing needs and propose an initial roadmap to increase your sales and profits using paid advertising. Click on the button below to schedule a time. 

We look forward to speaking about your marketing goals soon!

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