True Online Presence is proud to partner with Your Store Wizards, an industry leader in Yahoo store custom programming and a go to source for data feeds, to offer advanced continued management services for customers advertising using Google Shopping. We work with Your Store Wizards data feed clients to optimize, monitor and manage existing or new data feeds to attain the highest ROI possible from Google Shopping.

​We know Google Shopping management can get overwhelming.  It is difficult to know and keep up-to-date on best-practices when it comes to optimizing your Google Shopping campaigns. We are here to help ensure profitability and you can choose the level of service you want with the 3 options below. 

​(Note, prices and packages below are exclusively offered for clients of Your Store Wizards for ongoing management of Google Shopping. All fees associated with Google AdWords and Your Store Wizards data feed services are separate).

Google Shopping Fully Managed Solution

  • ​Initial setup and optimization of Google account including a review of merchant center, current data feed and Google Shopping campaign structure to ensure compliance with current best-practices.
  • Ongoing optimization of Google Shopping Campaigns (when applicable).
  • Creation and optimization of Google Search Campaigns (when applicable).
  • Creation and optimization of any Google Display Campaigns including Google Retargeting.
  • Monthly Reporting.
  • Up to 60 minutes on the phone each month discussing results and answering questions.
  • Free copy of our book, Make Each Click Count - T.O.P. Guide To Success Using Google AdWords
  • 3 month initial agreement to monthly terms.

Our pricing for our fully managed solution is based on the number of skus that your store advertises in Google Shopping:

  • Under 250 Skus - $799 fee + $299 one time setup fee.
  • 251 - 1,000 Skus - $999 monthly fee + $399 one time setup fee.
  • 1,000 - 5,000 Skus - $1,149 monthly fee + $399 one time setup fee.
  • 5,001 - 15,000 Skus $1,499 monthly fee + $499 one time setup fee.
  • Over 15,000 Skus - Call for pricing.

* In addition, we also offer management exclusively for Google AdWords for companies not interested in running ads with Google Shopping.  Please call for details.

Google Shopping Advisory Package

  • ​Up to 3 hours on phone with screen share first month (minimum 1/2 hour increments).
  • ​Subsequent months - Up to 1 1/2 hours on phone with screen share (minimum 1/2 hour increments).
  • ​Free copy of our book, Make Each Click Count - T.O.P. Guide To Success Using Google AdWords.
  • $499 monthly fee + $0 setup fee.
  • 6 month initial agreement to monthly terms.

Contact us today by calling 1-888-456-6943 or filling out the form below to schedule a complimentary marketing discovery session.  During this time to we can discuss your current marketing efforts and which of these packages may best fit your needs in optimizing your Google Shopping account!

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Testimonials - 

"True Online Presence has been handling my Google campaigns and Amazon advertising for the last year and a half.  Before switching to True Online Presence, I had been using a larger agency that charged ridiculously high fees and produced few profitable results. With True Online Presence, I have grown my website substantially with the majority of sales coming through Google AdWords all while maintaining profitable levels.  I have enjoyed a mostly hands-off process where I trust that they manage my marketing budget as if it were their own and have experienced tremendous growth".

Mark B. - Trenz Shirt Company​​

"We found Andy's service through his book "Make Each Click Count" for pay per click/keyword marketing on Google. We have been spending thousands of dollars every month and the return on the investment was getting worse and worse every year. Through his service, we found out that we were wasting hundreds of dollars on non-related keyword and not doing enough on the best sellers.  By Andy's help, we were able to optimize our Google marketing, implementing a lot of negative keywords and segmentizing our Google Shopping to target the best selling items and minimizing unwanted clicks. We are very happy with his service and our improved revenue.  Thank you Andy".

​Bill A. - WMJ Marine

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