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"True Online Presence has been handling my Google campaigns and Amazon advertising for the last year and a half.  Before switching to True Online Presence, I had been using a larger agency that charged ridiculously high fees and produced few profitable results. With True Online Presence, I have grown my website substantially with the majority of sales coming through Google AdWords all while maintaining profitable levels.  I have enjoyed a mostly hands-off process where I trust that they manage my marketing budget as if it were their own and have experienced tremendous growth".

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Google Shopping results are based on your data feed and your bidding strategy.  When implemented properly, they can provide a fantastic ROI and become a healthy source of traffic. Implemented poorly, they can still provide a good source of traffic, but can be a real budget buster.  For strategies and specific techniques, visit our blog and read the articles listed under the Google Shopping category: blog.trueonlinepresence.com/category/google-shopping/.


On September 1, 2014, Google migrated all existing Google PLA campaigns to their new Google Shopping platform.  The new Google Shopping platform is designed to give users more control over bidding on products and more tracking capabilities.  If customers who currently run Google PLA campaigns did not migrate their own campaigns to Google Shopping, Google did it for them with their automated system.  This quite possibly could have create errors in how ads appear and was likely optimized by Google to maximize spend (which will benefit Google) not to maximize returns (which benefits advertisers).  However, with change there is always opportunity.  A properly-optimized campaign could lead to increased sales and provide an immediate advantage over competitors who failed to properly migrate their campaign.  Complete our contact form today for a FREE Google Shopping consultation and let a Google certified expert review your Google Shopping campaigns.


We have experience working with multiple data feed providers and can properly manage your Google Shopping data feed to implement a strategy that will lead to your bottom line success.  Our data-driven approach works to optimize product keywords that work and minimize those that don't.  This result orientated, hands-on process will ensure your success.  We offer a full service program where we can format your data feed correctly, submit your feed daily and optimize based on results or we offer a partial management service where we work with your current data feed to maximize returns.  Either way, we can make sure you are getting all you can from your Google Shopping advertising dollars. Whether you are considering Google Shopping for the first time or you have been running a campaign for years, let us show you what we can do to help make this channel a profitable one for your bottom line success!

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sell on Google Shopping

what it is

Google Shopping are the results returned by Google under their shopping feature when a search query matches their criteria (see below).  A free service until October 2012, Google Shopping is now similar to Google AdWords as it charges based on a user's click.  However, unlike Google AdWords, items displayed are generated from a data feed rather than by a user-friendly interface. A comparison shopping engine, the data feed is comprised of approximately 30 different attributes, about half of which are required in order for your products to be eligible for display and are essential if you wish to sell on Google Shopping.


Note the results returned on the right hand side under the heading "Pond Aerator" on Google. This is an example of Google Shopping.