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"True Online Presence has been handling my Google campaigns and Amazon advertising for the last year and a half.  Before switching to True Online Presence, I had been using a larger agency that charged ridiculously high fees and produced few profitable results. With True Online Presence, I have grown my website substantially with the majority of sales coming through Google AdWords all while maintaining profitable levels.  I have enjoyed a mostly hands-off process where I trust that they manage my marketing budget as if it were their own and have experienced tremendous growth".

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A typical marketing discovery call takes between 15-20 minutes. During this time, we can discuss your current marketing strategies as well as any other marketing questions you may have for us.

This call will allow us to discover your marketing needs and propose an initial roadmap to increase your sales and profits using paid advertising. Click on the button below to schedule a time. 

We look forward to speaking about your marketing goals soon!

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As Amazon continues to gain market share in the eCommerce world, it is an essential strategy for many online retailers to leverage Amazon traffic to increase their sales.  It is a fact that the many online shoppers now begin their search on and for some shoppers it is the only place for online shopping. However, how best to sell items on Amazon depends on your company and your company's goals.


Skyrocket your Amazon sales with the use of Amazon’s Campaign Manager. Amazon Campaign Manager was designed to allow advertisers more control in promoting their Amazon listings. Similar to Google Ads in both its terminology as well as charging based on a pay per click model, advertisers can use the Campaign Manager to bid on keyword terms, add negative keywords and adjust their bids. Regardless of whether you are fulfilling Amazon orders in-house or through Amazon, Amazon Campaign Manager can bring more traffic to your listings. Plus, since Campaign Manager is relatively new, it typically has less competition than Google and for eCommerce products, has more searches than Google.

Speak with one of our marketing strategists to learn what using Amazon Campaign Manager can do for your business.


Amazon offers different ways for merchants to fulfill their products listed through Amazon Seller Central. Products can be fulfilled by the merchant or fulfilled by Amazon. Determining who fulfills the order can be important in successfully advertising with Amazon.

Fulfillment by Merchants - Merchants sell their products directly on Amazon and order checkout takes place directly on the Amazon website.  Amazon charges a 15% commission and provides order information to the merchant for fulfillment.  Merchants are NOT allowed to remarket to customers or include any promotional materials inside the order.  In addition, Amazon Prime customers many times DO NOT see products fulfilled directly by the merchant.

Fulfillment by Amazon - Merchants send their products directly to Amazon, order checkout takes place on the Amazon website and fulfillment is completed by Amazon. Amazon charges participating merchants shipping fees, fulfillment fees and storage fees. Fees vary based on time of year as well as by product size and category. Amazon Prime members typically only are shown products fulfilled directly by Amazon.


The success of advertising on Amazon depends on your business; however, experience is needed when creating a successful campaign. Call us at 1-888-456-6943 or complete our contact form today to let us learn about your business and discuss how selling on Amazon can benefit your business model and some of the pitfalls that are involved.  We can help you integrate and manage Amazon solutions and leverage the 800-pound gorilla that is Amazon.