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When it comes to eCommerce, Amazon cannot be ignored.  Amazon has the ability to provide eCommerce merchants huge increases in sales, but are those sales achieving your business goals and are you effectively using Amazon’s customer base to its full ability? Amazon now offers merchants a ways to promote their products within Amazon - Amazon's Campaign Manager. Confused on what Amazon offers and what you should be using?  Contact us today to learn more.

Whether you are an eCommerce merchant that currently lists on Google Shopping or are exploring getting started, we can probably help.  The Google Shopping feed contains over 50 fields and the more of these fields that a merchant populates, the stronger their listings become, and the more often their products are eligible to appear. In addition, just like in Google search there are various bidding strategies that can be applied to Google Shopping listings in order to optimize revenue. Google Shopping is no longer a free service so make sure you are doing everything possible to optimize the traffic.  Learn more about Google Shopping.

From 2003-2013, Andy Splichal served as the Director of Web & Marketing for a Yahoo-based eCommerce store on the INC 5000 and Internet Retailer's Next 500. During this time, he worked with the majority of Yahoo developers and continues to maintain a working relationship with many of them.  From inception to completion, we can work with Yahoo stores to implement custom work and leverage our relationship with Yahoo developers to make sure our clients are getting the absolute best pricing.  Lean more about our Yahoo Small Business Services.

Just because Google Shopping is the largest Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) that doesn’t mean it is the only Comparison Shopping Engine. In fact, depending on your vertical, some of the lesser-used CSEs may have the potential to become a more profitable channel. We work with our clients to optimize their data feeds and adjust their bidding in order to return profitable ROI on various CSEs including Microsoft/Bing, Shopping.com, PriceGrabber, BizRate, Shopzilla and many more.  Learn more about our CSE Management.

Do you have the resources needed to properly manage your Google and Microsoft/Bing pay per click campaigns? Have you outsourced your PPC to a firm only to find they now take your account for granted?  No matter your reason for discovering us, we are glad you did, because we specialize in PPC management.  Learn how we are different from our competitors and what we can do to energize your pay per click marketing. While you are at it, checkout our proprietary system, the T.O.P. Google Ads Campaign Review & Ratings System. Learn more about PPC Management Solutions.

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