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Develop a Lead Magnet (aka bribe). This could be a free report, special white paper or checklist, but it needs to be a valuable enough offer to convince potential customers to leave their contact information.

Create a strategy for displaying the Lead Magnet. Lead Magnets can be displayed as a popup light-box, banner ad or exit popup on a website, but determining the most effective form requires testing to optimize.

Create graphics for delivering the Lead Magnet.

Integrate collected customer information from the Lead Magnet to an email service provider (ESP).

Create a series of emails that will automatically send on a set schedule once a customer opts into a marketing funnel. These emails work to introduce the company, explain why the company differs from their competitors, explain how the company’s services can solve a client’s problem and finally (and most importantly) asked for the sale.

Implement emails into an automated process that will systematically generate leads and sales. 

Running Google ads are a great way to bring instant traffic that is highly targeted to websites and, if run properly, they can be very profitable.  However, for Professional Service businesses (unlike e-commerce companies), typically the only call to action for a user to take is either to call or fill out the contact form.  With only these two calls to actions, professional service companies very rarely are able to capture information from their visitors. 

It is a fact  that 70% of visitors will only visit a website once, perform no action and will never return! With this in mind, sometimes professional service companies sometimes need a more compelling call to action in order to optimize their website traffic.  

The T.O.P Lead Generation Customer Capture System is a proven way for companies to capture visitor’s contact information plus set up a series of automated emails that allows a company to successfully market to customers even before they have officially “become a client”.

What does the T.O.P Lead Generation Customer Capture System involve?



A typical marketing discovery session will take between 15-20 minutes.  During this time, we can discuss the T.O.P. Lead Generation Customer Capture System as well as any other marketing questions you may have for us.

Please select 3 times that you will be available in the next week, in the order you prefer, along with the best phone number to reach you.  You will receive an email within a few hours confirming which of your selected appointment times has been scheduled.

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Correctly implemented, the T.O.P. Lead Generation Customer Capture System will seamlessly generate leads and sales.  Plus, being automated, it is a great way to convert sales and leads for even large volumes of web traffic. With our T.O.P Lead Generation Customer Capture System companies can ensure that they are fully optimizing their traffic regardless of if the traffic is free/organic or if they have paid for the traffic using our AdWords management solution.   

To learn more about our proprietary T.O.P. AdWords Campaign Review & Ratings System call us at 1-888-456-6943, email us at or complete the information contact form to schedule an appointment.  We are happy to answer any and all questions. Contact us today to see how you can use our system to increase your sales.