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Marketing Discovery Call

A typical marketing discovery call takes between 15-20 minutes. During this time, we can discuss your current marketing strategies as well as any other marketing questions you may have for us.

This call will allow us to discover your marketing needs and propose an initial roadmap to increase your sales and profits using paid advertising. Click on the button below to schedule a time. 

We look forward to speaking about your marketing goals soon!

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It is a fact that some of us simply learn more by watching than we do when reading.  That is why we have released a video series including some of the most effective advanced Google PPC techniques. Learn some high-impact advanced PPC techniques from certified AdWords expert, Andy Splichal. Learn More. 

It can be a struggle for professional service companies to optimize their website traffic. Our proprietary T.O.P. Lead Generation Customer Capture System works to capture customer information while putting in place a set of automated emails.  We will work with clients to create and implement all aspects of their lead generation marketing funnel using proven marketing strategies aimed at increasing sales. Learn More

Give stagnate Google AdWords campaigns an energy boost with our proprietary T.O.P. AdWords Campaign Assessment. A certified AdWords specialist will dive deep into your existing AdWords account in order to evaluate campaigns as currently configured.  We will provide an in-depth analysis and rating on 7 key metrics that I have found to strongly correlate with high-performing AdWords results.  Learn More. 

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